Inspection Commission

The objectives of Inspection Council

The Technical Inspection Council was established by the Director of Inland navigation Office in Szczecin in order to execute its objectives as inspection council, namely:

Ship measurements <<<< see more information >>>>

Technical inspection <<<< see more information >>>>

Composition of Inspection Council

Chairman of Inspection Council
Expert – Inland navigation Office employee
Ship and marine engines construction expert in field of inland navigation
Nautics expert
Ship measurements expert

Inspection Council working hours

Monday – Friday from 8.15am to 4.15pm
The abovementioned working hours are intended for customer service, submission of applications, receipt of documents and conducting technical inspections.
If needed, the members of the Inspection Council may conduct inspection after working hours and working days of the Inland navigation Office in Szczecin.

The duration of proceedings

The duration of proceedings is defined by Administrative Procedure Code

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